Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Antelope Canyon - Different Perspectives

I've been spending some time with images I made at Antelope Canyon last December. In addition to the normal adjustments like white balance, contrast, luminosity, etc, I've been rotating the images. It's quite interesting how the same image looks totally different depending on the perspective. Looking at the top image the line between the dark and light receeds but the same line in the image directly above protrudes.

The same things happens with the horizonal compositions. When rotating some of the image I get a totally different 'feeling'. I can feel safely nestled in a smooth fold in the rock but rotate it 180 degrees and I feel like I'm going to fall.

It's a fascinating journey I'm taking thru Antelope Canyon, from my digital darkroom.


Monday, April 12, 2010

The Blind

On March 27, 2010 my buddy Travis and I spent the night in a photography blind by the Platte River on the Rowe Wildlife Sanctuary. This was Travis' fourth visit and my first. We first started talking about the trip when Travis told me about it last June. It wasn't long thereafter when it became an entry on our respective calendars.

Photographer blinds can be reserved on the first working day of the new year. So Jan 4 was marked on my calendar. I called as soon as they opened and was the first to get a blind reserved. I really wanted the get the blind 2 days before full moon and I was lucky to get March 27.

We entered the blind at 5:45 in the evening knowing that once the door closed we couldn't open it until it was opened for us the next morning after the cranes were gone. It turned out that time came about 10am. While it wasn't very cold, only getting down to the low 30s, when the door finally opened we were greeted by the warmth of the sun.

It hasn't taken us long to begin making plans for next year. This annual event is one I will not often miss in the coming years. Spending a night with the Sandhill Cranes is quite a memorable experience.

This was our 4'x6'x8' home for the night. It was very comfortable for 2 people, but my butt hurt after sitting on the stool for so long. We even got a good night sleep. I can't speak for Travis but once I took my hearing aids out it got real quiet. Sometimes those of us that don't hear so well have the advantage.


Sunday, April 4, 2010