Friday, November 11, 2011

20 Images on My Walk

Today at noon time I took a walk with my dog Thule and my iPhone. Here are 20 images from that walk.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sculpted Grains of Sand - A One Person Exhibit

I'm pleased to say that I have a one person exhibit hanging, and spinning, at the BOX Art Gallery in the Thrivent Financial building in downtown Minneapolis. The exhibit runs from Nov 1 to Nov 30 2011, except for Thanksgiving Day. Hours of the exhibit are 7:00am to 5:00pm weekdays, closed on weekends.

The exhibit consists of 25 images I've made in two trips to the slot canyons of the southwest. It is an amazing journey entering the slot canyons where water and time have carved the sandstone into interesting and varied shaped. This exhibit emphasizes the abstractions found therein.

After returning home with these images I found myself mesmerized by the different illusions I was seeing as I rotated the images around in a circle. I wondered how I might bring this experience to a viewer of this exhibit. After some experimenting I can up with a way to attach a lazy susan swivel to the back of a framed image giving the view the ability to spin the image to any orientation. 12 of the images in this exhibit have been mounted in such a fashion.

Another 13 images are framed as stationary images but are printed much larger giving you a more detailed view of the canyon. All of the images can be seen on my website: Sculpted Grains of Sand

If you are downtown Minneapolis during the month of November make your way over to Thrivent Financial and check out the exhibit. There are a few 30 minute parking spots in the alley behind the building so you can see the exhibit for free.