Wednesday, August 6, 2008

0 for 4

The Minnesota Start Fair Art competition has come and gone for me this year. I submitted this image last Saturday and got my 'Non-Accepted Works' email today. So I will be making my fourth 'walk of shame' in four tries this weekend.

I figured that this would be a polarizing image as that has been the reaction it has received. The response would quick and very decisive. Some people really like it and others don't, probably more that don't. But I like it so I submitted it. Guess the judge was in the camp with those that don't. That's OK cause there is always next year.

What do you think and it's OK is you don't like it, tell me anyway.


1 comment:

  1. Remember to KEEP on trying!! Oh why do we artists put such stock in those State Fair Fine Arts Judges. Let it go...your work is FABULOUS!! I think the photo is interesting. I like it. I like some of your other work better for myself. I think it was a good piece to submit to the Fair people...because of the etherical sense. Very interesting. Lots going on and you'd think that's what "they" want. One never knows. Linda T