Friday, January 23, 2009

Arts in Harmony - 2009

This year I was fortunate to have 3 images selected for the Arts in Harmony art show in Elk River, Minnesota. This is the 13th annual show and it is second in size behind the Minnesota State Fair Art Show in all of Minnesota,

This is my 5th year of acceptance into the show and having 3 images selected from the 692 submitted works is quite an honor. The show is open to residence of the United States and 241 artists submitted work.

These are my 3 images selected for the show. The first was made in the South Dakota Badlands. I've always loved black and white photography and this image highlights the alternating bands of light and dark lines so prevalent in the Badlands.

The second was made from the end of Artist Point in Grand Marais, Minnesota. I have probably shot more sunrises from this location than any where else. This was another incredible sunrise and fortunately the seagull decided to hang around for this 69 second exposure (I was silently cheering for the seagull to stay until I heard the shutter close. It then quickly flew away).

The third image was made earlier this year when I met my brother in Portland for a weekend of Oregon shooting. This is a unique interpretation of a rather iconic Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach. A Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter was used to gain a relatively long 2.5 second exposure that allowed the foam in the water to blur giving the beautiful curved lines. The moodiness of this cold, rainy and windswept day was accentuated by the contrast between the light and dark.

Stop by and see the show, it is really a great mixed media show, if you're in Elk River. The show is on display at the Sherburne County Government Center but is only open during regular business hours.



  1. Such beautiful images. You are so talented! We miss you here in California. Come back and visit again soon.

  2. Roger, congratulations on the acceptance of your images into the show. A well-derserved honor!

    I particularly enjoy the Grand Marais image - strong graphic design, simple concept and beautiful colors. I can see why you enjoy going there.


  3. Kaylee, I about for your next birthday.

    Bob, Thanks for your nice comments. I see we both continue to keep tabs on Bill.