Monday, June 21, 2010

It was a Bear of a Weekend

I have been to the North Shore of Minnesota dozens of times. In all of those trips I have seen 2 bears, and one of those bears was just a few months ago. Usually the best view of the bear is of it's rear end as it quickly dashes into the woods never to be seen again.

Travis noticed the bear as we drove south on Hwy 61 just a mile from Grand Portage State Park and the Canadian border. I quickly turned around thinking the bear would already be gone but no it was still there.

Having been caught without my camera in similar situations I keep it close now ready to pull out and start shooting. As we pulled off the road I started shooting and to my surprise the bear just continued his business of searching for food. It was totally unfazed as I crept the car a little closer every once in a while looking up from its digging efforts.

It moved to a couple of spots while slowly building an audience. Thule got quite excited and just had to let out a bark or two, actually more than one or two. Eventually the bear retreated into the woods after putting on a show for a few minutes.

It didn't stay in the woods to long before bounding across 61 stopping a few more cars in their tracks.

We saw this bear on Saturday. As we were kayaking the Pigeon River returning from Pigeon Bay we saw a another bear. This one was in the river swimming from the Canadian side to the US side. I first thought it was a moose but Travis quickly corrected me. WOW another bear. But for some reason the bear turned around and swam back to the shore where he came from. Once there was sufficient footing the bear disappeared into the brush.

So it was really a Bear of a weekend.


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