Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Different Look at a Flower (you gotta check this out)

Back at LeeAnns garden for few hours today I tried a couple of new things. On a number of flowers I shot a sequence of images ever so slightly changing the focus from the closest item to the furthest item I wanted in focus. Then once I got home I used a program called Helicon Focus to create an image using just the parts of each image that is in focus. This flower was shot at f/2.8, an extremely narrow depth of field at this distance, but I shot 20 images. Helicon Focus generated this highly detailed image.

Another thing Helicon Focus can do is create a 3d video of the flower. I have uploaded this video to my wen site for you to see. The quality is not as good as the version from the software but it is very cool none the less.

Access it by clicking here

Hope you agree this is cool. I made a few more images like this that I've yet to work on.


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