Saturday, March 24, 2012

The way I see Taos Pueblo

As I wrote in my last blog post, December Trip West - Day 22 - Taos Pueblo, Taos Pueblo was one of the hilites of my recent trip.  I always felt a Black and White image of Taos Pueblo was more fitting of the way I feel about this place.  I have spent some time converting images From Taos Pueblo to Black and White and I've uploaded them to my website.

Clicking on any of he images will take you to my Taos Pueblo gallery where you can see those that I have uploaded so far.

Pueblo Taos Pueblo Taos, New Mexico (5II2-11266)

Grave Yard Taos Pueblo Taos, New Mexico (5II2-11629)

Two Ovens Taos Pueblo Taos, New Mexico (5II2-11494)

I intend to upload more and will eventually make this into a folio

Roger (-:)

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