Saturday, February 16, 2008

Arts in Harmony - Jury Results

Last Sunday the artists reception was held for this years Arts in Harmony art show where the just results were announced. Unfortunately I was unable to attend.

So yesterday I went by the Government Center, where the art work is displayed, to see the art work and the winners. This is an excellent show, again, pulling in work from local as well as national artists. I was happy to see a number of people enjoying the art. They appeared to be there to see the show and not because they had business with the county government.

As I was looking at the work Dave Beauvais , the original founder of the Arts in Harmony 13 years ago and the force behind the show, came up to me and said he had put my ribbon behind my Photograph and that I needed to get it since my print was not going home with me. (I suspect my eyes lite up at this point.)

Last year I had won a Members award and the Great River Energy Purchase Award for my Spearfish Canyon image.

I knew I hadn't won that award again since I had seen another photograpy that won it, as well as the Best Photograph award. The photography was particularly strong this year so winning anything was an honor. Not being familar with all of the purchase awards, turns out there are only two, I was curious.

When Dave and I got to my image and while Dave went to revrieve my ribbon I read the label. I had won the Members Award as well as the Government Center Purchase Award. My image would be finding a permanent home in the Sherburne County Government Center. Cool, I thought. You know a guy can get used to winning these purchase awards.

They had the art show pamphlet which listed all of the artists in the show and their art work. There on the first page of the awards was my name again, for the second year in a row. Last year I won 1 of the 2 top dollar awards and this year I won one of the top 4 dollar awards. Like I said before 'A guy could get used to this'.

I feel honored to have two images selected for the show and very proud to be one of the Member award winners as well as the purchase award winner.

My winning image was taken last fall along the shores of Lake Superior. This is Cascade River in Cascade River State Park. The water was particularly high this last year which added to the character of the image.

The art show can be seen M-F from 8:00 to 4:30pm at the Sherburne County Government Center off HWY 10 in Elk River, Minnesota.



  1. Good for you Roger! Congratulations. that's a beautiful photo! I look forward to being in touch. Linda Thiltgen

  2. Roger
    Wow, great images. This is Jerry Joslyn I don't know if you remember me but I was a classmate of yours at Santa Ana High School. We're having our 40th reunion this summer and I hope you can make it. The blog is at . I hope you can contribute a profile, I went to your Vietnam page, I think it's safe to say that you've led an eventful life since graduation.
    Thanks, Jerry