Monday, June 30, 2008

Reminder Notes

Do you read books on photographic technique, listen to Radiant Vista critiques, take workshops, read photography magazines only to go out in the field to shoot and forget all you have learned. I find I do. I get all excited setup my tripod and camera and start shooting away.

This became very apparent to me when I was shooting with Ralph and Jack in Oregon. We would stop somewhere and I was off shooting in a second while Ralph and Jack walked around surveying the possibilities. I had been so accustomed to working quickly, when I was with non-photographers, I forgot what it was like to take my time. Ssslllooowww Dddooowwwnnn I started telling myself. In my haste I would forget about what I had read and supposedly learned. I'd get home and be disappointed that the depth of field was not right or the ISO was to high or, well, you get the idea.

So as we were driving around Oregon, Jack told us of his preparation process. He listens to comforting music, sits quietly and generally puts his mind in a creative mood. This got me thinking about my own shortcomings and how I might prepare myself better for a photographic outing.

I haven’t tried Jack’s techniques but I have decided to prepare myself with psychological and technical reminders. Today I created my first set of ‘Reminder Notes’. I have taken tidbits of information from influential photographers, typed them on sheets of paper then laminated them. They will now go into my camera bag.

Before I set out on a photographic journey I will pull them out, sit for a while and ponder their messages. They will help me slow down, think of what it is I want to say, be more deliberate and in the end make better images.


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