Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Travis Novitsky

Last night I was checking out the Cameratalk MN site looking for information about the fall colors up on the North Shore. A friend of mine, Dale, and I are going up to the North Shore Wednesday after work for a few days of shooting and I wanted to get an idea of the colors. One of the posts was authored by Travis Novitsky, his first on the site.

I briefly checked out Travis site last night but took a much more thorough look this morning. There are few photographers that really hit home with me but Travis really did.

I don't know Travis nor have I ever spoken with Travis but I feel like I know him, at least just a little bit. Travis is a member of the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa (Ojibwe)and lives on the Grand Portage Indian Reservation at the far north western tip of Minnesota. Lynn and I have traveled to Grand Portage many times over the years and for the last three years we been fortunate to be at the annual Pow Wow held in August.

What I felt while looking at the images Travis makes is the obvious connection he has with the land, his home on the North Shore of Lake Superior. He talks a bit on his Welcome page about the adventures he had as a child growing up on the reservation which really seems to be the foundation of his photography. Fortunately Travis followed in his fathers footsteps and took up photography as a passion, at least I see passion in his work.

Travis shows to me a Native American view of the land. He shares his world not only with his imagery but also with his accompanying words.

Do yourself a favote and spend some quality time on Travis site. It can be found at Photography by Travis Novitsky


P.S. Come back for some fall colors.

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