Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little Spirit Cedar Tree

On Oct 1, Dale and I began a photographic adventure along the North Shore of Minnesota. This was our first 'shoot' together, in fact it was Dale's very first 'shoot'. I'm sure we will do many more.

On the second morning of the trip we were treated with a visit to a very special place, the Little Spirit Cedar Tree. The Little Spirit Cedar Tree is located on the Grand Portage Indian Reservation and is a scared place to the Native American people.

My interest in Native Americans goes back to when I traveled extensively to the Anasazi locations in the Southwest and on the Indian reservations in the four corners area. I always had a special feeling come over me when visiting places like Chaco Canyon, Monument Valley, Wapatki, Canyon De Chelley and other Native American places.

The day we visited the Little Spirit Cedar Tree was not a grand day photographically but a grand day spiritually. Travis, whom Dale and I had recently met and is a Grand Portage Band member, was kind enough to take us to the Spirit Tree that morning. As we arrived at the tree Dale and I stood silently as Travis made his offering to the tree. Travis then gave us the opportunity to make our own offering to the tree. First Dale stepped forward then I followed. This was the first time I'd made an offering at a sacred site and it was very special.

I know I speak for Dale when I say 'Thank You Travis'.

Dale and I listened to Native American flute music a number of time during our trip including the trip home. It was a fitting end to a great trip.


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  1. I personally want to thank Roger for including me in his photo weekend. Roger took the time to explain answers to all my questions, and provided me with needed advise. Thanks again, Roger.