Sunday, April 19, 2009


I go and buy a new camera, Canon 5D MII, and what does it have, video (HD video no less). So what did I do this last weekend? Fill up an 8gig CF card with videos of torrents of water flowing down 4 rivers, Baptism, Cascade, Cross and Beaver, along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Normally I go to the North Shore to photograph not videograph but I thought it would be fun to play with this new tool. Cascade River is my favorite river along the North Shore and I've often thought it would be nice to take a book and sit by this thundering river with all the noised of the world drowned out and read (of course I would likely never do this because I would be photographing it instead). So the thought came that I could videograph the river with it's thundering sounds and put this on my TV at home and bring the Cascade River into my home. So I did. And for a little variety I videographed the 3 other rivers as well.

The most challenging of the three was High Falls on the Pigeon River, on the border with Canada. Last time I photographed High Falls I ruined a perfectly good Canon 5D thanks to the heavy mist thrown up by the falls. Well today was only slightly better. But I can prepared this time wrapping my camera in a Rainsleeve, the best rain protection for the money, it's only $4, and much better, in these conditions, then my $40 Rain Sleeve. So my camera was well protected as well as the lens, well except for the front lens. Videographing falls that throw out alot of mist is next to impossible since the front of the lens gets covered with water. I tried 3 locations, starting with the worst (I thought it would be the best) and ending with the best (I thought it would be the worst (at least I'm consistent)).

Photographically this wasn't the greatest weekend. The first image is Grand Marais in the distance from the pull out south of the town. I liked the sun rays coming thru the clouds. The middle image is 3 second exposure along Cascade River. The is the location I mentioned earlier and is where I started my videographing. The third image was taken today on my way home. The road to Palisade Rock is closed during the winter and was closed on Friday when I went by it. It was snowing pretty good as I drove by today and just had to turn around and have a look. As you can see it looks pretty miserable and it was but fortunately it wasn't to cold, just about 34 degrees.


(As always click in the image to show a larger picture.)

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