Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just have to boast a little

OK, it's not a picture that I'm going to print, mat and frame. But it is a picture of where I'm going to do the last two of those activities, mat and frame.

I previously did my matting and framing downstairs on top of an air hockey table. There wasn't any storage space and my back would kill me after working over it for a short time. There was something in my mind that would be alot better.

I did some research on the internet and got some good ideas. I knew I wanted storage for mat board and foam core board as well as framing sections and glass so I concocted this configuration. I knew it was going to be really heavy so I constructed it so all of the shelves would easily slide in and out. I was kinda crossing my fingers when I started building it from the simple plans I put together.

As with most on my projects there were some unforeseen obstacles butt I was able to overcome them. My biggest concern was following the suggestions of other matters and building it to my height, 4" below my elbow. I'm 6'4" and 4" below my elbow is pretty high. Well I've done some matting and framing on the table and it is quite comfortable working.

In the end I find it quite functional and really a nice work surface to work on. Now I need to go out and start marketing my work and putting the table to work :).

Anyway I just had to show off my creation, thanks for listening.


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