Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nighttime on the North Shore

This was a weekend from which life long memories are made. Night time shooting is something I have just recently begun to pursue with more than casual interest. A few weeks ago I dipped my toe in the water and this weekend I took the plunge. With great weather, a scared place and a fine friend few things could top the experience of the last two nights.

The first image was the first exposure I made on Friday night. The moon was scheduled to rise at midnight. This was a "quick" 30 minute exposure before the moon was due to make it's appearance.

Friday night turned into Saturday morning and the moon rose behind some clouds. As the clouds moved thru the sky the moon danced in and out playing with the light, the shadows and reflections. The second image of just a little over 2 minutes, gracefully smoothed the movement of the clouds.

The first night ended with a cloudless sky and the moon shining down lighting up this magical place. Another 30 minute exposure puts the stars in motion around the North Star. Fog lay off in the distance threatening the rest of the shoreline.

Tomorrow Saturday nights adventure.


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