Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fine Art Note Cards

We all have special friends and relatives we’re close to and for whom we want something a little different. With the traditional time for card giving quickly approaching you should consider giving a special kind of gift, a Fine Art Note Card. Adding your own special message to a work of art, suitable for framing I might add, gives your special person something that will enrich their live long after other traditional cards disappear. You’ll also find a box of Fine Art Note Cards makes a perfect gift for someone that appreciates Fine Art Photography.

ALL images on my website and those you see on my blog are available as Fine Art Note Cards. Each Fine Art Note Card is individually printed and initialed, by me, on high quality card stock from Red River Paper Company. They measure 5”x7” and look great framed. It’s a very inexpensive way of acquiring and displaying Fine Art Photography and is a unique and appreciated gift.

Fine Art Note Cards are just $5 each or 5 for $20. You’ll get a gift box, which is perfect for gift giving, for every 10 cards ordered. And of course an envelope is included with each card. You can find out more, including ordering and contact information, and see samples on my website at: www.rogernordstromphoto.com/note_cards .


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  1. Roger, your note cards are beautiful. .hat paper did you end up using? I hope you have alot of success with then,