Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Abstracts

The maples along the ridges inland from Lake Superior were coming into some nice color. Using just the movements of the camera the first five images were made.

These first 4 are pinwheels of color. It is a trial and error form of photography that I particularly like. Most of the time the images are just throw away but some capture my imagination.

These images are made by a combination of spinning and zooming. All were made while looking straight which presented it's own problem like trying not to fall over while your spinning back and forth.

Finding a dense red maple gave me the opportunity to fill the frame making this fun image. It's a star burst of color.

The maples off the ridges were still quite green amongst yellowing birch. This colorful road is lit by the morning sun giving it it's warm glow.

Whereas the previous 5 images were made by moving the camera this image was made letting the water do all of the movement. The reflections on the surface of the water can produce some interesting graphic images. This part of the Cascade River was in the shade while the trees were brightly lit with the blue sky directly above. This 1/20 second exposure was my favorite.