Thursday, September 10, 2009

GP Fox

Every once in a while the fox(es) of Grand Portage make their appearance. They're nice enough to stick around for a while providing an nice opportunity for some photography.

This little gal, or guy, was a beautiful fox that scurried about for a couple of minutes prior to running off into the woods. Some of the foxes are used to the presence of people and while they are weary of people, they keep their distance, they aren't so spooky they quickly run off.

When on the North Shore I keep my second camera close by. On it I have my 100-400mm lens so I can get some nice tight closeups. (Someday I'll see a moose again and I'll be ready. Where's the Moose!!!)

This little one provided me with some poses that really showed off it's beauty. Every night when I'm driving back to Grand Marais from Grand Portage I see at least 1 fox along the shoulder of the road. Of course that's no time for photography so it's nice to have this opportunity.



  1. My son and I enjoyed the GP foxes while looking for the Spirit Tree last month. Three of them took turns posing for us. Great shots!

  2. Three is good. That's the most I've seen at one time to. They sure are fun.

  3. Roger, these are great images! You sure had some nice light for this appearance.