Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Partridge Falls - August 22 2009

We arrived at Partridge Falls with the intention of shooting sunset but with no clouds in the sky the sunset options were limited. One failed opportunity leads to a great opportunity. No clouds meant for a great night of star shooting.

As the sun went down the falls provided us with an opportunity to get close and photograph the interesting patterns the water makes as it cascades down its face. I have a real soft spot for silky water and it's patterns.

The dark blue sky reflects on to the water and gives the falls a rich color. Our brain knows, rather thinks, that the color of the water isn't influenced so much by the sky so we have a hard time seeing the blueness but the camera has no such knowledge. It just records what it sees.

Darkness descended and we played with light painting, opening the cameras shutter and using a headlamp to paint the water with light. From my vantage point I was having a hard time just illuminating the water without getting the foreground rocks and plants illuminated as well. I thought I could go stand in front of the plants and rocks and paint from there but I would be in the way. Bingo, I decided that I would become part of the foreground and would silhouette myself against the falls. I quite like this image.

The last exposure was a 21 minute one with a very small amount, and I mean very small amount, of light painting.

What was most memorable about this exposure was lying on the rocks with the thunder of the falls as a backdrop and gazing at the endless universe of stars overhead. This is the magic of night shooting especially with a good friend enjoying the same experience.



  1. Gorgeous images. I LOVE the light painted waterfalls---amazing!

  2. amazing!Just want to lay there and watch the stars dance.