Thursday, August 20, 2009

LeeAnn's Garden

For a number of years I have admired the flowers at a neighbors house down the street. It's not a route I take very often so it was always a treat to drive past.

This year I've started walking alot more and one of my new, longer, routes takes me by the house and garden so I had much more time to enjoy the view. With each passing I thought how fun it would be to photograph the flowers.

Now I'm not much of a flower photographer. It's a subject I'm interested in but the attempts I've made have been, well, disappointing. Seeing these flowers a couple times a week kindled my interest.

On one of my walks I saw the owners sitting on their deck enjoying the evening. So I decided to approach them and see if I could photograph the flowers. LeeAnn was quick to respone, 'Yes, any time'. We chatted a bit before I moved on thanking her for her generosity.

A week or so later I loaded my backback on my back and made the trek to LeeAnn's garden. I had a ball but the results were not what I was hoping for. I like returning to the same place to photograph because I always think of thinks I want to do different the next visit. So my planning for the next visit started.

My next visit was just a few days ago. I was really charged up, had sufficient mosquito repelent on this time (I didn't the first time and got eaten up), and had a plan. The evening was just perfect with absolutely no wind so he flowers stood nice and still. I worked pretty quickly and felt like I had some very nice images in the camera.

I was not disappointed when I got back to my digital darkroom. These images were the result of that evening and I am quite excited as to how they turned out. I have more thoughts for my next visit that I'm looking forward to try and I'll share those with you, if they're worth sharing.

I have a special gallery on my website called "LeeAnn's Garden". As I make more images from LeeAnn's Garden I'll add them there.

I hope you enjoy these images, I know I do.


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