Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mono Lake - South Tufas

The last day of the Eastern Sierra Workshop started off with sunrise at Mono Lake - South Tufas. This was another one of those spots that I had been by numerous times but never stopped. It's a place I have wanted to photograph and I was not disappointed. This like other locations needs more than just one morning to fully appreciate.

As you can see the morning was cloudless but that didn't mean we had a boring sunrise. The sky lite up brightly behind the silhouetted tufas. Looking westward the air was clear and just before first light a warm glow was cast upon the landscape providing a nice contrast with the blue sky.

Finally the sun peaked above the distant mountain bathing the landscape with first light beauty. Many gulls dotted the water and provided blurred streaks during this and other long exposures made that morning.

I had alot of fun watching and photographing these two gulls. They were obviously a pair likely feeding on the brine shrimp in this very salty lake. Whenever another gull would 'trespass' on their territory they would quickly chase it away then immediately get back to their meal.


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