Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009 Fine Arts - Accepted Works

Today I got the email I've been waiting for since 2005.

The Minnesota State Fair holds the largest Art show competition in the state. Artists of all medias enter works in their respective classes for the honor of having their work displayed to the tens of thousands of people that visit the Minnesota State Fair each year. Every year I enter an image and a few days later get an email in my in-box with the subject of '200x Fine Arts - Non-Accepted Works'. That is followed by what some people kiddingly call the 'drive of shame' to pick up our Non-Accepted Work.

This year I discovered an email in my in-box with the subject '2009 Fine Arts - Accepted Works'. Holy cow I made it in. I was shocked, jazzed, excited and all sorts of other really cool feelings. Over 1,000 photographs were submitted in the photograph class making it the most competitive ever. And believe me it is very competitive, the quality of the submitted art work is exceptional. I'm not sure how many photographs were accepted, we'll find that out in a few weeks, I'm just very excited to be one of them.

If your going to the fair this year keep an eye out for this image. I'm quite proud of it.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS Roger! Way to go. You so deserve to be in this show. I look forward to seeing your work when I go to the fair.

  2. Congratulations Roger! I filled out the application to submit this year, but unfortunately was out of town the weekend they were to be submitted. Again congratulations on making the cut. I'll have to seek it out when I go to the state fair.

  3. Very Cool, Roger! I'll look for your work this Sunday when I go. Carol