Monday, March 23, 2009

Digital Image Cafe - POTD

I recently joined the Digital Image Cafe, a friendly group of photographers from around the world that help each other and compete daily for Photo Of The Day honors. My friend Travis, whose work I very much admire, is an active member of the site and introduced me to it. The POTD contest is a very competitive one as there are some very fine photographer participating. It is quite an honor to have your image selected as the POTD.

The first 10 POTD are rather easy to capture. An 'appetizer' section is open to all members with fewer than 10 POTDs. These 'appetizer' groups have a fraction of the images from which the judges make their selections. For instance, the regular Scenic category has upwards of 500 images from which the judge makes her/his selection.

Now that I have my first 10 'appetizer' POTDs the real fun begins. If/when my images win POTD I will 'brag' about them here. Today I had 2 images selected as POTD, a rare event indeed.

Tillamook Bay

This first image was taken last May when my brother Ralph and I met Jack Graham in Oregon for a weekend of shooting. Our first day was spent by the Pacific Ocean and was started in Tillamook Bay. The morning was quiet, calm, overcast and had a nice soft blue cast. A wonderful Oregon morning.

The Chase Is On

Great Gray Owls by the hundreds, if not thousands, migrated south to Minnesota due to a food shortage in Canada during the winter of 2004-2005. I traveled two hours north 6 weekends in a row to watch and photograph these beautiful creatures. Rarely would the owls encounter each other but when they did you wanted to make sure you had them in your viewfinder. This was the one encounter I was able to capture.


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