Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Up North


Last Friday I headed up to the North Shore toward Grand Portage to meet with Travis for a day of shooting on Saturday. Travis told me Harrington Park, just north of Duluth, had some ice piles so I stopped there first.

This image certainly isn't ice piles but a mosaic pattern I kept seeing in the ice (ice piles to come later in a different post).

Travis and I met for sunrise at our favorite spot, Hollow Rock Resort. The last time I was at Hollow Rock, about a month ago, the ice extended far out into the lake. The warmer late winter weather had taken it's toll on the ice as seen in this image. You could still walk thru the hole in the rock but not beyond the lake side entrance.

Credit goes to Travis for this image. Travis first saw this composition and photographed me looking at 'Gull Rock' (my name), then we switched spots. I was interested in seeing how two photographers interpreted basically the same scene. This is my intepretation.

Next, we snowshoed to the top of Mt Rose which has a great view of Grand Portage National Monument. The image doesn't show a monument but a tree that caught my eye. The day was overcast but mild, low 30s, and most importantly no wind at all. A beautiful snowshoe hike, thru the woods, followed by a breathtaking view and topped off with a fine companion, one couldn't ask for a better experience.

We completed our photographic day at the Little Cedar Spirit Tree. It is always a special treat to visit the Spirit Tree and wouldn't you know it as soon as we arrived the sun started shining and the clouds cleared away.

As I work my way thru the images from the weekend as well as those taken on previous trips I'll post them to the blog.


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