Sunday, March 29, 2009

It was a Cold Morning

Well cold is relative in Minnesota. Yes it was cold, below zero, but it can get alot colder. At any rate I was dressed to the hilt and my hands and toes got oh so cold. After a while I quit feeling my toes and when I walk it's like walking without toes, feels wierd. But I think I finally figured that problem out cause the next day my toes were fine. I keep a couple of hand warmers in my jacket pockets to keep my batteries warm. Well OK they are to help warm up my hands after they start to sting but they play a second role of warming my batteries.

I met Travis on this beautiful January morning at Hollow Rock. The ice pancakes, as Travis likes to call them, were slowly moving about with the sun shining brightly thru the hole in the rock. The water was calm and it was tranquil, except it was cold.

After a day of photographic exploration, and feet warming, we returned to Hollow Rock for sunset. The wind had picked up during the day and lo and behold the ice pancake were gone. Things change rapidly on the North Shore. (That's Travis on the rock.)


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