Monday, March 15, 2010

Ice that Once Was

As we explored the shoreline, the weekend before last, we looked for different and interesting ice formations. This small chunk of ice was 'frozen' to the block of ice below. As the water moved back and forth the ice chunk went up and down and this little piece held on tight.

These next few images were made at Hollow Rock. An ice bench was still in place so one could walk right out to the hole in Hollow Rock and is was at the entrance where these images were made. Just beyond the entrance the ice ended and the water was open to a depth of 3 to 4 feet. The ice around Hollow Rock made some interesting vertical patterns.

Along the sides of Hollow Rock's hole water would melt and run down then freeze in rib like patterns like you see here.

Once of my favorite patterns were these two holes the just looked to me like the eyes of a ghost, Casper specifically. I worked around these ice holes looking for a composition that eliminated most of the detracting background while keeping the holes as large as possible. Since there was virtually no color in the scene I converted it to black and white and added a little sepia tone.

It was a little later in the morning, a couple hours after sunrise, when we visited Hollow Rock. With no cloud in the sky a blue cast fell on the snow. Our eyes, rather our brain, knows that snow is white so compensated for the cast and we really don't realize it is there. But the camera doesn't know any better and captures the blue cast. But in this image the subtle detail in the blue light emits a delicate beauty.

It's been 8 days since these images were made. The weather on the North Shore has been unseasonably warm. These ice formations have melted away with most of the remaining ice along the shore.


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