Friday, March 12, 2010

Abstracts in the Ice

This little puddle can turn into a photographic adventure overnight. With temps during the day in the 40s lots of melting is going on. At night it gets below freezing which firms things up and makes little puddles like this.

Enabling macro mode on my Canon G11 allows for real close compositions. Your imagination can conjure up all sorts of designs and patterns in the ice. There were two puddles in this area so Travis and I each had a puddle to shoot.

The challenge was the bright blue sky above. I was trying to cover as much of the sky as possible with my body while still getting a nice composition. A side effect of that is reduced light which calls for a high IOS, 400 in this case, and a long shutter speed, 1/13 to 1/40 of a second. Successfully blocking the sky was a futile effort but was somewhat effective.

Next time you're walking around keep your eye out for these hidden gems. I've made some pretty cool images in the morning after the water freezes in a gutter, Gutter Beauty.


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