Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Morning at Red Rock Beach

We rose early Sunday, well not that early we got up around 5:30 since we really needed the sleep. Sunrise was going to be very different from the sunrise we had the previous morning at Wauswaugoning Bay. We had decided that Red Rock Beach was to be out destination this morning so after a little to eat off we went.

As is the case along the North Shore there is very little snow and ice. We were hoping the small bay at Red Rock Beach might freeze so we'd have some ice on the lake with which to compose. Well that didn't happen, the lake was ice free.

I stayed along the shore while Travis explored the rocks near by. There wasn't much time between our arrival and the suns peaking above the horizon but I wasn't in a real hurry to shoot. I was just enjoying my time and seeing a North Shore sunrise again. I set up my tripod and make this first image then found a little ice formation and hand held the second.

While focusing of some previous images I liked what I saw when the whole image was out of focus. Feeling the desire to play a bit I fired off a couple of blurs and like the softness of this one. Just then Travis calls to be from the rock above telling me he found a neat hole in the rock I should come and shoot, so off I went.

It was a very tight fit getting my tripod setup between the snow/ice bank and the hole, I also got my butt really wet and cold sitting on the ice. I stopped the lens all the way down to maximize the depth of field and to get the star pattern you see here, OK truth be told I stopped down for the depth of field and was real pleased when I saw the star patterned since it's a product of stopping down and I didn't think about it when I composed the shot. This one was my favorite of that morning.

During the whole weekend photography took second place to just being back on the North Shore experiencing the sights and sounds and feelings and friendship I'd been away from for 4 months. As it turned out the images I made this pst weekend turned out exceptionally well.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy bringing them to you.



  1. Great pictures. I especially like the last one with the ice framing the lake.

  2. Thanks for your comment Bryan. I agree the last one worked quite well.