Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December Trip West - Day 8 - Death Valley


Today was a travel day going from Page AZ to Death Valley, CA.  I thought of driving to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park for sunrise but it was a 2 hr drive and I wasn't sure I wanted to do it.  Well I woke up about 4:30 which gave me enough time to get there so I went.

I'd been to this state park before, two years ago.  It's an OHV park so lots of tire tracks in the dunes.  The sunrise turned out to be a flop and I just didn't feel like heading out into the dunes and try to find a spot with no tire track besides I wanted to get to Death Valley before sunset. so I split, but not before taking a few images of the many deer in the area.

Of course when you're in this part of Utah you just have to go thru Zion.  It's a pretty awesome place not to be missed.  I did get a little slap on the wrist from a ranger when he caught my stopping for a picture where I shouldn't, oh well.  It was a quick pass thru then I high tailed it to Death Valley.

As I'd hoped I did get to Death Valley before sunrise and decided, based on my brothers extensive knowledge of Death Valley, to shoot sunset at Zabriski Point.  I got there just in time before the sun went behind the mountains and enjoyed the sunset with another 40-50 people.  But as soon as the sun disappeared so did almost everyone else.  I stayed an extra hr extracting the last bit of sunlight.  Since the sun set around 4:30 it was virtually pitch black by 6:00.

Tomorrow morning it's Badwater for sunrise.


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