Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Trip West - Monday Dec 12, 2011 - On the Road Again

My long awaited trip to California for Christmas has finally arrived. After working Sunday night and getting home about 1:30am I wasn't about to get an early start.  My goal was to get to North Platte, Nebraska a 630 mile drive.  I ended up hitting the road about 9am after a nice breakfast and chat with Carolyn.  Carolyn was going to go on this trip with me but decided she couldn't take three weeks off work.  It would have been nice to have her come along but she will be flying out to meet me in Calif on 12/23 and spend our first Christmas together with my family.  While she won't be with me physically she will be with me in spirit.

The drive to North Platte was very uneventful.  Weather was overcast but not raining nor snowing.  It was a good start to the trip.

What more can one say about sitting in the car all day traveling thru Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska.

If your reading this post when it's originally posted you can follow my journey as I mark places using Spot. You'll be able to see the 7 most current locations that I mark.  Check my location here: Where is Roger

Lastly updates will likely be infrequent depending on internet access but hang in there I'll get to them.  This trip starts on Dec 12, 2011 and ends on Jan 4, 2012 so there is lots to see.


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