Monday, January 14, 2008

All Standard Now

One of the images for Arts in Harmony was to be printed at 20 x 30. This is a new image size for me having just sold one print with these dimensions. However when I went about to size Cascading Falls to this size I was not liking the results. So I decided to cut 2 inches from the long size and go with 20 x 28. This new dimension better frames a 2:3 image.

Carrying on with my thought of standard image/mat sizes, I came up with a standard image size for each frame size I use, both portrait and landscape orientation. Some resulting image sizes are a true 2:3 ratio and others require a slight crop.

Of course I will totally throw the standard size out the window if the image wants to be cropped in a totally different way. But up to this point my eye has preferred the 2:3 ratio.


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