Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thule, TV

We have a great dog. An Australian Shepard we call Thule. Thule has a rather unique behavior...he just loves watching animals on the TV. We have a large 64" projection TV and were watchng something about elephants. Of course Thule was very interested. During one shot the elephant was running toward the camera. Thule was a bit intimidated as he slowly backed away from the TV. Funny stuff.

He usually has one eye on the TV when it is on and his head springs up at the sight of a four legged animal. Every once in a while he is sleeping whan an animal appears. All we have to do is say 'Thule, TV' and he's up checking out the TV. A few weeks back I happened upon a dog show. When Thule really gets really excited he stands right in front of the TV as he did on that day.

During Christmas the TV was on one of the funniest home video shows and is often the case animals are involved. This time both Thule and DJ, our grandson, got quite interested:


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