Thursday, January 17, 2008


This weekend it is supposed to get pretty cold. Saturday’s high is supposed to be -3 with a low of -15. This isn’t uncommon winter temperatures in Minnesota but it is cold.

This reminds me of an adventure I had back on Dec 19, 2004 that resulted in the following image:

Most people when they see this think it is an icy leaf on the road, no big deal. They are surprised to learn that the black asphalt is really lake ice, see the small bubbles in the ice. What makes this picture more memorable for me was that the temperature that morning was 15 below.

I went to all the trouble to go shooting at 15 below and only took 10 pictures or so before me battery went dead. I was really disappointed. I didn’t know at the time that if I warmed up the battery then I had a few more shots before warming the battery again for a few more shots…..

Will I go out this weekend? You just never know. I like the idea of shooting the Trumpeter Swans, in Monticello, thru the steam rising from the Mississippi River. So I may have to head over there one morning.


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