Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bosque Del Apache

Time sure flies when you're having fun, so the saying goes. The week with my family over Christmas was a time get reconnected after 17 Christmases in Minnesota but it is time to start heading back to Minnesota.

Only one photography stop on the way home and it is a doozy, Bosque Del Apache. I have known of Bosque Del Apache for many years and this will be my first visit. It is truely an amazing sight to watch thousands of Snow Geese take flight at the same time. I experienced my first 'blastoff' while photographing by one of the fields. All of the Snow Geese took off at the same time, circled the field then landed back where they started. WOW was the first work from my mouth. There were many more wonders this day that these few images can not convey. If you are ever in the Albuquerque ares you have to check this place out.


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