Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Valley of Fire and the Mojave Desert

The detour caused by the prediction of snow in Flagstaff had many benefits. Not only was I able to drive thru Zion yesterday but on the suggestion of my brother Ralph I was in for more treats. Ralph's first suggestion was a detour thru the Valley of Fire in Nevada, along with a beautiful drive along the shore of Lake Mead. The Valley of Fire is a Nevada State Park and is a pretty incredible place. The previous image is but just a sample of this place.

The second suggestion was to cut over from I-15 to I-40 thru the Mojave Desert in California. At first I thought I was on a desolate desert road until I realized that this was a pretty popular place. A stand of Joshua Trees rivaled those in Joshua Tree National Park. As you can see in this image there was still some snow on the ground even though this was a beautiful day.

The next stop is at Robert and Paula's and celebrating Christmas with all of my family in Southern California.


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