Sunday, December 21, 2008

Canyon De Chelly

I arrived at Canyon De Chelly after dark yesterday. When I checked into the Thunderbird Lodge I found out there were only two groups of travelers at the Lodge. I guess business is slow indeed.

The forecast was for sun with periods of clouds. Well the period, singular, of clouds lasted the whole day. We were teased once or twice when the sun peeked thru the clouds but it was gone again with the blink of the eye. I really needed sun today but it was not to be had. Most of the day was spend at the South Rim Drive overlooks marveling at the wonderous canyon and the history that lies below my eyes.

The one place in Canyon De Chelly where non-natives can go without an escort is the White House Ruins. I had made the hike back in the 70's and was looking forward to a return trip. It is only about a 3 mile journey but descends 600 feet into the canyon. When I first visited White House Ruins one had to get across the stream as best one could which usually meant taking your shoes off, rolling up your pant legs then finding a shallow place to cross. Times have changed and now there is a foot bridge to make the hike a bit easier (actually I was looking forward to getting my feet wet but opted for the bridge).

The image I chose to share is of the White House Ruins from the canyon level. Seems to me in the 70's we used to be able to go right up to the ruins but overuse has resulted in a safety zone around the fragile area.

Tomorrow I'm off again and plan to stop by Horseshoe Bend. I've seen many an image of Horseshoe Bend but have never been there. The forecast is rain so my hopes are not very high. One more night on the road and I've be with my brother Robert and sister-in-law Paula.


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