Saturday, December 20, 2008

Aztec and Shiprock

The morning started with a visit to Aztec Ruins National Monument. Aztec Ruins is located about 50 miles north of Chaco Canyon. Aztec's first inhabitants were strongly influenced by Chaco and may have been an outlier of Chaco. In the early 1920's Earl H. Morris excavated Aztec over the course of 7 seasons. In 1934 Morris returned to rebuild the Great Kiva. There is much debate as to the accuracy of the construction but Morris employed what he know at that time. It is none the less a fascinating Kiva to visit and to show your respect.

The road to Chinle, AZ and Canyon de Chelley takes one by Shiprock. Shiprock can be seen from distances of 10s of miles, standing proud. I ended up taking a road that was closed during the winter but ended up making the trip worthwhile with a few images.


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