Friday, December 19, 2008

Chaco Canyon

I'm on my way to Southern California to spend Christmas with my two brothers and their families. Along the way there are a few stops that must be made. The first is Chaco Canyon.

Chaco Canyon is a fascinating place if you have any interest in the pre-historic peoples that inhabited the Southwest over 1000 years ago. Chaco Canyon was the hub of a far reaching advanced civilization that stretches long distances across the four corners region. Many current day tribes trace their ancestors back to Chaco and hold this ground as a sacred place.

My reasons for going there was not photographic but I did lug my camera gears around with me. The magical places for me in Chaco Canyon are the Kivas. Kivas are believed to be places where spiritual rituals occurred. There are many great Kivas in Chaco Canyon and the one I picked to share is one at Pueblo Bonito.

Google Chaco Canyon is you want to know more.

Tomorrow it's on to Canyon De Chelley.


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