Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bristlecone Abstracts

While on Ralph's workshop I was keeping tabs on some of the Blogs I follow from my iPhone. (I'm sure you've wondered what we did before the internet. Well I'm starting to wonder what I did before my iPhone. I'm terribly addicted.) One of the photography blogs I follow is that of Tony Sweet.

Tony is also on Facebook, something else I follow with my iPhone, and he and I are Friends. Tony had just been to the Bristlecone Pines a few days before we were to visit. Tony is a great impressionist photographer and as luck would have it he posted one of his Bristlecomb Pine blurs the day before our visit.

I've been playing with blurs for quite some time now, first inspired by Freeman Patterson and William Neil, but blurs weren't at the top of my list when preparing to visit the Bristlecones. Tony's post on Facebook was very timely since it inspired me to make a number of blurs three of which I'm sharing with you here.

Thanks Tony Sweet for the inspiration.



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