Monday, July 6, 2009

Glorious Sunrise

Last weekend started off with a very early sunrise at the Little Spirit Cedar Tree. I had gotten up to the campground at around 9:30 and after unloading the car it was after 10pm when I got to bed. The alarm was set for 2am giving me enough time to have a bite to eat and meet my friend Travis at 3:30. Sunrise wasn't until after 5:00 so we had plenty of early light. And oh what light that was.

This was just the first of a weekend full of wonderous sights, sounds, smells and experiences.

The first image was made with a 17-40mm lens at 19mm, ISO 100, 13 sec at f/22. The second, same lens and ISO 23mm for 2.5 sec at f/8.


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