Friday, July 31, 2009

Reflections in the Morning

Lake Sabrina along with North and South Lakes were our destination for sunrise on the third day of the Eastern Sierra Workshop. What do you know, it was a beautiful morning. Not a cloud in the sky and with the slightest of breezes, a perfect morning for reflections and did we ever have fun with reflections.

After spending much of the previous two days in Owens Valley with temps above 100, the 47 degree temperature that greeted us at Lake Sabrina was a real treat. The alpenglow in the first image was replaced by the first light hitting the higher mountains on the second. The reflection was astonishing.

Another workshop group showed up between the alpenglow and first light. Seemed odd the group arrived when they did since we'd been in place for a good 45 minutes already and they missed a good show.

After shooting for a short while longer we quickly headed over to North Lake. We were in for a truly wonderful surprise here as well. The sun was lighting the surrounding mountains, the sky was a rich blue, the water was calm and we were located in the shade on the east side of the lake. Just the perfect setup.

It was such an incredible place to not only photograph but to just experience. It's important for me to 'try' to stop photographing for a moment and experience that places that I go and soak it in. Not all images are made with the camera. The body and soul take in the imagery as well as the smells, the sounds, the breeze, he temperature and the overall feeling of the location. It is these senses that I try to capture in the photographs I make.

Shooting went on until the sun rose to a point where we were no longer in the shade at which point the great light had slipped away. But we all came away with some stunning images as can be seen by the last three images.

We followed up our North Lake stop with a visit to South Lake but our 'time well spent' time put us at South Lake after the good light had disappeared for the morning. We stayed only for a few very short moments before heading off to a well deserved bacon, eggs and hash brown breakfast at Parchers Resort



  1. Great Pictures Roger, I see why you had such a great time.

  2. I came across your photos on facebook. Your work is absolutely beautiful, friend. As someone who has always wanted to get into photography but has never been able to afford it, I truly appreciate people who have the opportunity and take it, turning outwork such as yours. Very, very well played, sir.

  3. Roger,
    These reflections are amazing. Good eye! Iris