Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Many Faces of Mt. Whitney

The second morning of the Eastern Sierra Workshop found us at Mt. Whitney, picking up where we had left off the day before. We had scouted this sunrise location and got setup before the alpenglow began to glow. This trip was the first when I'd seen alpenglow and it is the beginning of Mt. Whitney's transformation from night to day. I've put together a series of images, all taken from the same general area, that shown Mt Whitney awakening to a new day.

Alpenglow was making it's glorious appearance in the first two images. A reddish glow is cast across the mountain peaks before the sun makes it's appearance.

Alpenglow had diminished and the sun is casting it's shadow on the mountain.

A few minutes later and the mountain takes on a bold reddish glow.

As the sun continued to rise the mountain looses is first light redness and begins to show it's striking daytime presence.

It doesn't take long before all the color is gone and Mt. Whitney is proudly standing above all other peaks in the lower 48.


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