Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hike to Lower Calf Creek Falls

Travis had suggested a few worthwhile locations to visit in the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument area. Having never been there before and knowing how Travis' interests parallel mine I immediately marked them as destinations. Travis and his dad Rick had hiked to Lower Calf Creek Falls previously and in addition to enjoying the falls itself also enjoyed the hike.

I had driven by Calf Creek on the drive to Escalante the night before so knew were it was. I mentioned to George, the manager of the Moqui Motel in Escalante, that I was doing the hike and h said the trail should be snow covered but passable. He also commented on what a beautiful hike it is.

My constant companion is Thule, my 11 year old Australian Shepard. He loves exploring the bushes and trotting down the trail as his own speed. Of course his speed is faster than mine so I often tell him to 'Wait for Me'. I just had to laugh many times seeing him patiently waiting for me to catch up. Then off he'd go again only to have to wait again.

Sometimes the trip is as worthwhile as the destination. while the 6 mile round trip beat me up physically the many stops I made to and fro gave me plenty of time to enjoy the solitude and the beauty.

Visiting these places during winter gives one an experience quite different from what the vast majority of people experience. It's cold and there is snow covering the ground and the bluffs. You share the trail with few people and in my case no one. While it can feel lonely it is also spiritual. I truly love and cherish this kind of experience.

As you can see by these images there ae plenty of sights to see on the trail to Lower Calf Creek Falls.


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