Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little Wild Horse Canyon

While at Goblin Valley I was looking for other places to explore. I had read about Little Wild Horse Canyon but wasn't sure I would go.

Right outside the entrance to Goblin Valley there's a cattle guard and a dirt road heading off to the left. A funny thing happened to me as we left Goblin Valley, the car made a left turn almost on it's own. I thought how strange that was and we must be going to Little Wild Horse Canyon.

I knew the hike wasn't long, just about 3-4 miles if my memory is correct. The sandy wash approaching the canyon was very cool, lots of photo ops if one has the time (which I didn't). This was the first slot canyon I had explored in decades and I was pretty excited. There were a few spots where scrambling was necessary and Thule freaked a bit. I had to hold him while I scrambled up the rocks otherwise he had a ball.

The slot was quite narrow and slanted so you had to support yourself with a hand, or two, as you made your way thru some sections. It wasn't particular easy to photograph nor was it very interesting, the slot itself.

I did find a bunch of detail that I concentrated on and that is what I'm sharing with you now. The last image is of a crusty old Cottonwood sitting right in the wash. I wasn't able to capture the real character of the tree but thought it was so cool I had to include this picture. Go do the hike and you'll see what I mean about the tree.


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