Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spread Your Wings and Fly

During my visit to Bosque Del Apache we got lucky with a morning of snow. It started snowing right after we left the motel and continued most of the morning. It was fantastic.

I photographed this sequence that I thought was quite interesting. Notice the grace and elegance of the movements your eye just can't capture.

The Sandhill Cranes often walk a ways then straighten their long necks and lean forward just before taking off. It's a good indication something is about to happen.

I just love the details you see when you're able to freeze action like this.



  1. Roger, I love these shots!
    Are you there with Travis?

  2. Thanks Joan. Yes, Travis was shooting right next to me, or at least in the general vicinity.

  3. Yeah... you two were pretty close together!!! Fun!