Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Spearfish Creek

Spearfish Canyon is a fascinating canyon, a scenic byway. Travis and I were visiting the canyon on Thanksgiving afternoon and stopped at a location in the canyon where I had shot before. The canyon stays very cold compared to the surrounding area so the snow that had fallen earlier was still on the ground. Actually this spot was some 20-25 degrees cooler than in the town of Spearfish just 15 miles away. We spent quite a bit of time here shooting and sharing different compositions, Travis found this one. As the sun set, the clouds above the canyon turned pink and with the help of a split neutral density filter a beautiful image was born.

As we did every night of the trip we planned a night shoot. Since the moon, although not full, was very bright we returned to this same location after finding our hotel room in Spearfish. I set up the same, well similar, composition as I had for the sunset shot. The moon lite the canyon nicely and the 30 second exposure froze, pun intended, the stars in place. It fun making images of the same location in different light.


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